Unique & Traditional Lampshades in Orlando, FL

For the best results when shopping for new or traditional lampshades in Orlando, FL, at The Lamp & Shade Fair, please bring your lamp with you. If any of the lampshades or lamp accessories you select, first require an adjustment to your lamp to fit correctly, we have many different sized harps on hand for just that purpose.

Custom Lampshades

Vintage or traditional lampshades say something about you. From the strikingly ornate, created with fabric, beads, and hand-painted glass to the more simple, yet unique period piece, traditional lampshades are functional art. At The Lamp & Shade Fair, custom lampshades are one of our most widely recognized claims to fame. Let us help you define your space with décor appropriate lighting and lampshades.


Lamp accessories, including shades, can add a new dimension to any room, and of course, color plays an important role. Whether you select a lampshade style and color to highlight or accent the color of your walls or flooring, or simply choose a complementary color to draw the eye to your lamp, the vast inventory here at The Lamp & Shade Fair, is sure to include exactly what you are looking for.

Contact us if you want a unique lamp or light for your business or home. We proudly serve customers in Orlando, Florida, and throughout central Florida.

Traditional Lampshade Orlando, FL